Monday, March 21, 2016

When you're dealing with a medical condition that affects your life every day you're always looking for
 ionic foot bath
some kind of relief. Some people say the key to their well being lies in their feet.
Fibromyalgia left Robert Delong facing pain every day.
"Just soreness and fatigue," Delong explained. "The pain would be in one place today and one tomorrow."
When nothing seemed to help Robert turned to alternative medicine. One of his treatments was a series of detoxifying ionic foot baths.
"I had heard of foot baths for a long time but the first one I did, I did it somewhat skeptically," Delong said. "I had tried every thing, at least I'd tried a lot of things, so I said I'll give it a shot."
Chiropractor Dr. Linda Brown uses it to treat a lot of her patients just like Robert.
"Allergies, fibromyalgia, just general aches and pains, arthritis," Brown said. "Research shows you can strengthen muscle after a treatment or two."
She explained the secret is the array that's placed in the water, creating an ionic charge.
 ionic foot bath
"The ions go in and infuses your body and helps shake lose toxins from the frame work of our bodies so that fresh blood can get to our cells so the cell can have the energy, the nutrients to detox and do whatever bodily function," Brown said.
What comes out of your body through your feet -- well, that's easy to see.
"See that stuff that's floating in there? That wasn't in there in the beginning," Delong said.
The foot bath is now a part of treatment that he swears by.
"It's amazing," Delong said.

Brown said treatment varies on age and more people between the ages of 10 and 65 can get it.

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